Hello there!

About Me

I’m a programmer with a passion for JavaScript, but my expertise doesn’t stop there. My skills span across various aspects of technology, from configuring networks to managing VPS and setting up Nginx configurations. I’m also well-versed in VPNs and hosting game servers.

What I Do

  • JavaScript Expertise: My primary focus is JavaScript, covering all bases from front-end to back-end development.
  • Network and VPS Configuration: I have a deep understanding of network setups and virtual server management.
  • Nginx Configurations: Simplifying and optimizing web server configurations is something I enjoy and excel at.
  • VPN Knowledge: I prioritize security and privacy, and I’m experienced in setting up and managing VPNs.
  • Game Server Hosting: I have experience in hosting and maintaining smooth-running game servers.
  • Diverse Programming Languages: From Prolog to Erlang, Elixir, C#, Java, Swift, C++, and Kotlin, I have explored a wide range of programming languages. I am not proficient in everything but did some projects in those languages.

The Purpose of This Site

Basically none, just to flex my wordpress skills. And some advertisements. And to share some links.

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